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Anthony Jacob Henckel, My 9th Great Grandfather

Religious beliefs and community churches bring people together for a common cause. Individuals gather to worship, and end up meeting their future spouses whose beliefs are the same as theirs. That's pretty much what I assumed before I started researching my ancestors. I thought everything was neat and tidy. I thought "we" were always Catholic (my dad's family) and always Baptist (my mom's family). I thought people marrying outside of their faith group was a modern phenomena. I was wrong.

My 9th great grandfather, Anthony Jacob Henckel, has been written about a lot. He must have a lot of descendants, because mine is far from the first blog post about him. His family is my only known Lutheran line. It was fun to find such a prominent religious man in my tree. He may also be one of my earliest ancestors to attend university. This is what I have put together about his service to the church.


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