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Creating my Genealogical Future

Earlier this week, we went to the zoo to see the holiday lights display. My grandchildren were fighting over who got to hold Granny's hand. It got pretty bad, and my daughter threatened to leave me at home next time. It all worked out, though. I have two grandchildren, and two hands. I just had to chug my hot chocolate.

I treasure my days with these precious kids because I know someday they won't want to see me as much. They will grow older and find other things to do with their time. They won't jump up and down when they see me. They'll forget to call me. This is all normal, and I'm trying to prepare myself. But I also know that when I'm gone, they will remember me and the things we did together. They may even tell their own kids and grandkids stories about me like I have shared about my own grandparents. My plan for the future is to spend more time writing my own story and documenting the adventures I've had with my grandchildren so they'll have more stories to share. I want them to always know how special they are to me and to carry that love into their futures.

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