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Norma "Lucille" Holland Aden and her Favorite Granddaughter

One day about 20 years ago, I received a card in the mail from my Granny. On the inside she wrote, "You've always been my favorite."

Now, of course that's not something you want to mention to your two sisters. After all, she loves us all the same, right? But then, secretly, you're absolutely thrilled to be Granny's favorite. What a happy dilemma.

Years later, maybe after she died, I mentioned the card to my mom. She said that Granny had sent those out to all of us and had a good laugh about it. Well, that burst my bubble, but what a great trick to play on us! I wish I still had that card.

My favorite find changes all the time. Currently the top spot goes to this photo I found on one of my dad's proof sheets. I had never seen it before, and he didn't have it marked as one he wanted to print. But I absolutely love it. I love the way I'm looking at Granny, and the way she's looking at me. Now that I'm also called "Granny," it's even more precious.

My sister was born in November, 1966. Until that time, I was the only granddaughter - all my cousins were boys. Granny had a way of making us all feel like the favorite, but on this day in August, 1965 (and for the following 14 months), I was her favorite granddaughter!


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