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Norma "Lucille" Holland Aden and her Many Hobbies

Norma Lucille probably wouldn't like me using her first name, but in the interest of accurate genealogy, I will. She was always "Lucille". Never Norma. Never Lucy. Always Lucille. To me, she was just Granny. In a way, I am named after her. She was Granny, and my mom was called Granny by her grandkids. When my daughter was pregnant, she named me Granny for my grandkids. It's a tradition, and I am proud to carry on the name of the two great women who had it before me.

Granny was fun. I remember a lot of laughing when she was around. Many of my best memories were with her and Grandpa at their house on South Broadway (in St. Louis, MO). I'm sure my sisters and cousins would agree.

I think Granny's favorite thing to do was crossword puzzles. In fact, she had a stroke a few years before she died and when she woke up, she motioned for a pencil because she couldn't speak yet. She wanted to do her puzzles!

Every year when I pull out my Christmas decorations, I get to enjoy some of the things she made for me. She loved making quilts (on the sewing machine). Some of us grandkids have quilts. I saved some pieces of a quilt she gave me that I slept with for many years. Sometimes I wish I had never used it so I'd still have it, but that's not why she gave it to me. The gifts she gave us most often were ceramics that she painted. She planned to give all of her grandkids cannisters for their kitchens when they got married. I think she made them for the boys too. She had them all boxed up in the storage out by her carport but lost most of them in a tornado. All that work for nothing . . . but she and Grandpa were safe and that's all that mattered.

I have some pictures of things Granny made. I would love it if my cousins/second cousins, etc. shared photos of things they have that Granny made so we can see everything. From the variety of items she made, it's clear that she really tried to find things each of us would like. But that's what Grannys do.

My little quilt scrap.

Valerie and her ceramic cat. Check out that TV and its antenna! 1979

Bruce and Marcus (and Larry behind him) with their skulls. 1979

Bruce has two heads! I believe that thing behind him was also something she made. I think it was a ceramic "candle" with a light bulb inside. 1979

Elaine with her bowl and pitcher. That's me behind her in the purple dress. 1979

Vic and his AB logo with Anita. 1979

This is a music box she made for me. The date on the bottom is 1985. It plays "Winter Wonderland." There are more elves on the rug under Santa's bed. It rotates as is plays.

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