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The School Days of Nelle Naomi Hartman

When I was a kid, we would visit my mom's hometown a few times each year. Poplar Bluff, or "P.B." as we call it, is about 2 1/2 hours south of St Louis, Missouri. Each visit included a stop to see Mom Holland, my great grandma.

Most of our visits occurred when we were young, and I wish I could remember them better. I really wish I had asked Mom Holland more questions about her life, but that's the wish of all genealogists, I suppose.

Through the wonders of research and generous relatives, however, I have been able to learn more about Mom Holland.

Nelle Naomi Hartman was called Nellie Hartman as a kid. Though she spent some time living in Monroe County, Missouri, Nellie spent most of her childhood in the Indian Creek community of Texas County, in the Missouri Ozarks. She and the rest of the Hartman family were often mentioned in the local newspaper, The Houston Herald. They were a large and active family! They also moved a lot.

I have been able to piece together a bit about the school days of Nellie Hartman. She was a good student, attended school regularly, and had a lot of friends.

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