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Walking in My Dad's Footsteps

This week's theme, Favorite Photo, is always hard for me because there are so many good ones! Sometimes I lean towards the older ones, but recently I've been looking at a lot of my dad's old photos and revisiting the places that he went. We traveled as a family, but it was always his eye behind the lens.

During the summer of 2020, I spent 2 1/2 weeks revisiting many places we went to during our 1971 vacation. It must have been a long trip, because my dad drove us from St. Louis, Missouri to British Columbia and back. We always drove home a different way, which is something I still do when I travel, even if I'm just going to visit my daughter in Florida.

I chose the photo below, not because it's a spectacular photo, but it represents how his photos have impacted my vacations.

My first thought was, "Where were we? Where was this spectacularly-located church? I have to go there!" Fortunately for me, there's a sign. The Chapel of the Transfiguration. I had my answer in about 10 seconds, thanks to Google.

Grand Teton National Park.

There were other photos of this church, including one of me hanging and swinging from something under that first little roofed area. I suspect my mom was telling me to get down while my dad snapped the photo. My sisters were sitting nicely on the bench. They weren't better kids than I was. They probably couldn't reach whatever I was hanging from.

Grand Teton National Park is the most beautiful place I've even been. Hands down. From the entrance sign above to EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE PARK! If you haven't been, make the trip. My first stop was not Jenny Lake or Colter Bay- both amazing places. My first stop was the Chapel of the Transfiguration.

This was my photo:
The chapel was closed because of Covid-19, but it was a beautiful place nonetheless. My dad's photo was a bit faded after 50 years, but this is what we, and what he saw.

Another of mine:

Had my dad not taken his photo, I probably wouldn't have even gone to this spot in the park. Or to other places that I've been recently, like Dinosaur Park in Rapid City, SD. I felt rather silly going there by myself.

I think my favorite photos are ones that inspire me to travel or to do more research about people and places. I have an awful lot of places to revisit, and a lot more to learn.


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